Should You Buy a Vehicle History Report?

Posted: Thursday, March 31st, 2016

A vehicle history report is important if you’re considering buying a used car. Spending a little money now on a detailed report can keep you from buying a lemon that has known issues, which can save you big when it comes time to deal with repairs, maintenance, insurance, and even when you apply for financing with Green Light Auto Credit.

What Does a Vehicle History Report Cover?

A vehicle history report covers just about any question a potential buyer would have about a vehicle they are considering for purchase, including:

  • Registration Status
  • Ownership Information
  • Title Status (Standard or Salvaged)
  • Reported Insurance Claims
  • Accident Indicators
  • Odometer Information
  • Services and Major Repairs
  • Usage (Personal or Business)
  • Recall Information

Depending on the issuer, a vehicle history report can also indicate whether the vehicle was involved in a natural disaster, such as a flood, which may not have been reported, as well as whether the odometer readings are questionable.

Why Are They Important?

A vehicle history report provides drivers with all the information they need to help them decide whether or not a vehicle is worth investing in. Let’s face it, not every seller is honest about the condition of the car they intend to sell you. If a seller is providing inaccurate information, or if a previous seller was involved in an accident they didn’t disclose, you could end up being on the hook for major repairs and higher insurance rates down the road.
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