What Should You Do If Your Car is Recalled?

Posted: Thursday, July 14th, 2016

It can seem scary to receive a letter in the mail or hear news about your car being recalled, but you shouldn’t worry. At Green Light Auto Credit, we make it easy for drivers to get behind the wheel of their next car with our secure finance application, but we don’t just stop caring about you there. We update this blog with information that’s essential to a driver, and if you’ve learned of a recall on your car, you just need to keep reading to find out what to do about it.

Resolving Your Recall

One of the reasons getting your car recalled can seem scary is because some recalls are very serious business, covering safety features or engine performance. Most recalls tend to be something less dangerous, like a gasket that might break down sooner than expected or an upgrade to an infotainment system. No matter what your recall is, the process should be roughly the same:

  • Contact your nearest dealership as soon as you can.
  • Ask them when they can schedule your car for the recall repair.
  • Bring your car in on the scheduled date.
  • Drive away with your successfully repaired vehicle.

If that sounds pretty straightforward, that’s because it is. If your automaker initiated a massive recall, it may take some time to get in for the fix, but that’s the only real hiccup to worry about. Be sure to act quickly, too; some recalls have time limits on them.

Let Green Light Auto Credit Help You

We hope we’ve cleared up just what to do if your car is recalled; we make it our goal to serve drivers as best we can, with the latest news and advice on owning a car. We also work one-on-one with drivers in need of financing for a new or used car, with a history of helping drivers with bad credit or no credit get financed and drive a car home. The next time you need to bridge the gap between your trade-in value and your next vehicle, think of Green Light Auto Credit.

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