5 Exciting Trends in Automotive Green Technology

Posted: Thursday, September 15th, 2016

With the cost of gas expected to rise and more and more people on the roadways, automakers are turning their sights to green technologies. The experts at Green Light Auto Credit took a look at the new cars coming out and found five exciting trends in automotive green technology we think are worth a look. If you’re thinking about going green, fill out our easy online credit form, and then drop by a branch near you to get started.

Up and Coming Automotive Green Technology

From LED lights to lighter materials, manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for better ways to reduce the energy modern cars use. The following five trends promise to revolutionize the way green cars work:

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Currently only available in select markets, the fuel cells convert chemical energy from hydrogen gas, powering the vehicle while emitting only water and heat.
  • Fast-Charging Electrics – New fast-charging technology allows electric vehicles to fuel up in just a few hours, with longer ranges that are letting drivers get farther from home, making them a more practical choice for travelers.
  • Start/Stop – New technology shuts the engine down at traffic stops, reducing emissions, power consumption, and wear on the powerplant. The motor starts back up automatically when the driver is ready to move.
  • Variable Transmissions – The new continuously variable automatic transmissions allow the motor to run at optimum efficiency for less fuel waste and a smoother driving experience.
  • Autonomous Vehicles – While still years away from wide availability, automakers are working on new self-driving technology which should not only help reduce the number of accidents on the road, they will also be able to minimize fuel consumption, leading to a safer, greener commute.

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