About Us

Green Light Auto Credit

Have you been denied an auto loan because of poor credit? At Green Light Auto Credit, we believe in giving customers a second chance by helping them purchase the vehicle of their dreams. We have years’ worth of experience in assisting people from all walks of life with auto loans. Bad credit or no credit, we’ll ensure you get the car you need at a rate you can afford, so you can make easy payments and rebuild your credit.


We specialize in offering individuals the second chance they deserve to purchase a high quality vehicle, regardless of credit.
Green Light Auto Credit offers auto loans to individuals with all types of credit because we don’t let a poor credit score get in the way of our customers getting the car they need. Green Light Auto Credit is an especially unique business for a number of reasons:

  • We’re not a buy here, pay here dealership. We specialize in all-things auto loans.
  • We allow our customers to take back control of their car purchasing experience.
  • Our auto loan application process is easy and painless.


Get a real loan from real lenders, local and nationwide.
At Green Light Auto Credit, only the top banks and credit unions are used for our customers. There are a few factors that go into our auto loan process:

  • A social security number is NOT required to get started on an application.
  • The application won’t pull an inquiry on your credit.
  • The application itself is short and simple. We even provide step-by-step video instructions.
  • You can get pre-qualified with Green Light Auto Credit’s Max Loan Result.


We only work with qualified dealers that carry high quality and rigorously inspected vehicles.
We ensure that our customers only receive the best vehicles from the most reliable dealerships. You can be sure all of the vehicle options we show you have been thoroughly inspected for quality and safety.