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Everyone deserves a second chance. It only takes 60 seconds.

Have you been denied an auto loan because of bad credit? At Green Light Auto Credit, we believe in giving customers a second chance by helping them purchase the vehicle of their dreams. We have years worth of experience in assisting people from all walks of life with bad credit auto financing. Bad credit or no credit, we’ll ensure you get the car you need with a loan at a rate you can afford, so you can make easy payments and rebuild your credit. Speak to one of our knowledgeable credit counselors today, and we’ll help you determine your budget, factoring in all expenses, and find a payment that suits your needs. Then we can help you negotiate a payment plan that ensures that your new purchase won’t wreck your finances, allowing you to pay off your investment and rebuild your good credit name. Our success stories show that bad credit car finance doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

Auto Loan Success Stories

Greg was great - Helped me get into my new car - The team worked hard. Thanks to Green Light!

Fanessa H.

I will recommend anyone to come and see Mr. Patrick Timmerman. Mr. Patrick was so kind and helpful to me and my mother. He worked hard to get us a car, and this man worked with us. God bless Mr. Patrick, and Green Light.

Marguerite F.

Very professional and quick! Thanks to Green Light!

Darren F.

Get Car Financing With Bad Credit, Good Credit, or No Credit

Buying a car with bad credit doesn’t have to be difficult! At Green Light Auto Credit, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right car at a rate that fits your budget, whatever that may be. But that’s only one of the many reasons to consider using our car financing service first:

  1. A Nationwide Inventory. Although we’ve built our reputation as one of the most flexible lenders in the St. Louis area, we’ve expanded our scope. Unlike lenders who work with only one dealer and are limited to whatever vehicles they want to move off the lot, we work with dealers nationwide. This gives us access to thousands of high-quality vehicles ensuring that you can choose the make, model, rebates, and incentives that benefit you most.
  2. Access to National Lenders. Rather than being restricted to the largest bank in town or the shady in-house financing offered by the local dealer, our access to lenders across the country guarantees that you receive competitive auto financing offers, even if your credit is less than perfect.
  3. Ease of Online Tools. Our site makes it easy to get the information you need about buying, selling, financing, and more with just a few clicks of the mouse. When you’re ready to get your finance application started, you can fill out one simple form and get pre-approved for a car loan in under a minute. You’ll know exactly what you qualify for before you even leave the house.
  4. Transparency. Our car financing counselors are committed to making sure your experience is completely transparent. We will guide you every step of the way from application to approval. Unlike other dealers who hide behind jargon and misleading promises, we’ll explain every document, verify every line, and make sure you understand every part of the process. We’ll work with you until you’re completely satisfied that your purchase is just what you want — and, as our testimonials show, we won’t stop until we get it right.

Green Light Your Credit

At Green Light Auto Credit, we strive to make the car finance process as easy as possible on your end.

    1. Fill out our online form We won’t place the credit run on your credit report, so there won’t be any damage done by pulling an inquiry through us just to see what you qualify for
    2. A representative will reach out to you to find the best nationwide rate possible
    3. Buy your new car (or have our representatives check our wide range of national inventory to find your perfect vehicle)

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