Auto Finance Negotiating Mistakes

Posted: Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Negotiating an auto loan can be stressful and if you aren’t careful, needlessly expensive. Our expert loan advisers have some tips to help keep costs manageable and keep you from spending more than you should. Read them through, then fill out our easy Green Light Auto Finance credit application to get your automotive buying adventure started.

Save Thousands by Avoiding These Negotiation Mistakes

Unless you like to throw your cash away, the goal of negotiating when buying a car is to cut costs and save money. Avoiding these mistakes can help you do just that:

  • Negotiating at the Dealership. Beginning the negotiations by email prevents dealers from using sneaky sales tactics to make you spend more.
  • Getting Your Loan From the Lender. It’s not uncommon for dealers to sneak additional fees into their loans, or even change the terms after you’ve driven away with your new car.
  • Looking at Only One Source. Multiple dealerships can offer the same car at very different prices. Use multiple sources to find the car you need at the price you want.
  • Read the Fine Print: Regardless of who you finance through, read the contract’s fine print and be sure you understand what you’re agreeing to.
  • Be Ready to Let Go: If the dealer won’t give you a fair deal on the vehicle you want, be ready to walk away. You won’t be happy if you spend too much and, watching you walk out the door could be the catalyst they need to meet your demands.

Let Green Light Auto Credit Help You Finance

Don’t go in blind. Let Green Light Auto Credit help you find the right finance product for your needs. We offer options for every type of buyer, even those with imperfect credit, as well as access to thousands of new and used cars nationwide. Meet with one of our friendly credit counselors to learn how much you can qualify for, what your rate and payment would be, and how much you can save on your next auto purchase. Then go forth and buy your new car with confidence.

Avoid Auto Finance and Negotiating Mistakes with Green Light Auto Credit

Get behind the wheel of the car you need without spending too much. Contact Green Light Auto Credit at (800) 200-5551 to get the low-cost auto financing you need, and avoid expensive mistakes.

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