Back-to-School Safe Driving Tips

Posted: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Heading back to school in the fall can be an exciting time for kids, but it does pose many hazards. Plenty of drivers have bad habits, so follow this advice to make sure that everyone makes it to school safely. If you decide that it’s time for a vehicle with the latest safety features, then turn to Green Light Auto Credit for financing.

Safety Recommendations

Green Light Auto Two Custoers With New CarDropping your kids off in the morning? Make sure you take these steps to keep them safe:

  • Single file, please. Double parking around a school makes it more difficult for other cars to see, and the ensuing traffic jams can create stressful driving situations.
  • Avoid crossing the street. Drop your kids off right in front of the school, as crossing the street can be potentially dangerous.
  • Be sure to carpool. This reduces traffic congestion around a school, making it safer overall. And it’s good for the environment!

In addition, a vehicle with active safety features will work to prevent an accident from occurring. If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, make sure it includes them.

Avoid Accidents

The National Safety Council has determined that most bus-related accidents occur when children are walking to the bus, not on it. Follow these tips to ensure that you aren’t creating dangerous safety situations.

  • Stay out of the crosswalk.
  • Keep an eye out for flashing lights that activate when pedestrians are crossing.
  • Be sure to stop if a crossing guard is holding up a stop sign.
  • Watch out for bicyclists, and make sure you’re sharing the road.
  • When you’re in a school zone, reduce your speed.
  • If the vehicle ahead of you is letting pedestrians cross, don’t try to pass them.

As always, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in good condition before you head out on the road. If it’s time to purchase a safe new car, truck, or SUV, get in touch with Green Light Auto Credit for financing options.

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