Items You Should Carry in Your Car During the Winter

Posted: Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

While we don’t get the worst winter weather in the world here in St. Louis, MO, we still see winter storms and plenty of precipitation. Winter temperatures dip well below freezing and well below what is safe or comfortable for extended periods of time. In addition to the cold temperatures, break-downs are a real danger thanks to the extra stress winter puts on your vehicle. That’s why Green Light Auto Credit recommends you carry some important items with you at all times during the winter months.

  • Snow Socks: No, not warm, wooly socks for your feet. Snow socks are for your tires! These soft, fabric covers go over your car’s tires in order to provide extra traction in the snow. They save space compared to chains, and they’re easy to put on. They can get you out of a slippery ditch, or make driving on unplowed roads easier. 
  • Spare Phone Charger: It’s always worth carrying an extra phone charger, because your cellphone is your main way to get help if you get stuck or your car breaks down. You could go with a charger that plugs into the car, but a hand crank charger is even better.
  • Blankets and Hand Warmers: Sometimes staying warm is the most important thing. You can’t run the engine because you don’t want to run out of fuel, and exhaust gasses can be deadly. That’s why you need a blanket and chemical handwarmers.
  • Shovel: Sometimes all it takes is a little digging to get out of a jam. Carry a compact folding shovel with you to help dig yourself out of the snow.
  • Food and Drink: Pack up some non-perishable food and bottled water just in case. For especially cold climates, use sports drinks that won’t freeze.

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