The Natural Heart of St. Louis Lies in Forest Park

Posted: Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

At Green Light Auto Credit, we’re proud of our St. Louis heritage. For years we’ve been helping the citizens of our fair city afford the vehicles of their dreams, offering fair and balanced loans for people of all credit levels. With our intuitive online payment calculator and friendly, well-trained staff, we offer a path to vehicle ownership that’s easy and accessible, so the people of St. Louis can get on the road faster. And it’s because of this civic pride that we’re so excited to tell you about one of our most idyllic cultural centers: the lovely Forest Park.

A Brief History of Forest Park

Based on a proposal by Andrew McKinley and officially established by the General Assembly in 1874, Forest Park has been an epicenter of culture and entertainment all throughout St. Louis history. In 1904 it was the site of that years World’s Fair, dubbed the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and even hosted several events for the St. Louis Summer Olympics. Over the years, many attractions were constructed and dedicated on its soil, from The Palace of the Arts (which you may know now as The Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park) to the world famous Saint Louis Zoo. Today it continues to be a local hotspot for citizens and tourists alike, attracting over 12 million visitors annually.

The Main Attractions

It’s nigh impossible to capture all the wonder and beauty of Forest Park on the page, but we’ll try and point out some of its brightest highlights. Of course no visit to St. Louis would be complete without a visit to our famous free zoo, which features lions, penguins, and even elephants! But while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the Jewel Box, a gorgeous art deco greenhouse built in 1936. Its architecture is as stunning as the botany inside. And at night, why not catch a show at The Muny, our lovely and historic outdoor theatre? It’ll be the perfect end to a perfect day out in Forest Park.

Why Choose Green Light Auto Credit for Financing?

If you want to see the sights and sounds that make St. Louis special, you’ll need an automobile to get around. But if you think you can’t afford one, or if you’ve been turned away by other creditors due to bad credit, don’t fret—Green Light Auto Credit can help. No matter what your credit score may be, we can help you pay for your dream car, so you can get out on the road and experience everything that St. Louis has to offer. That’s why we’re one of the most trusted names in auto lending.

Visit Forest Park in St. Louis with the Help of Green Light Auto Credit Today

Forest Park was built with a can-do attitude and a dedication to public service, and at Green Light Auto Credit we’re dedicated to representing that same St. Louis spirit nationwide. To get started on the road to automobile ownership, just contact us online or over the phone at (800) 200-5551.

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