Missouri Car Sales Tax

The Missouri car sales tax rate is 4.225% plus your local sales tax which will vary by county. How does your MO sales tax on a car affect your total payment over the lifetime of your loan, and is buying a new car tax deductible? Green Light Auto Credit answers these questions and more. 

Missouri Auto Sales Tax 

When you buy a new car in Missouri, you’ll need to account for additional costs outside of the vehicle’s manufacturer price. Some of these fees can really add up if you’re not expecting them, so it’s important to budget accordingly so you aren’t hit with sticker shock.  

You can expect to pay: 

  • Missouri auto sales tax: 4.225% plus your county’s sales tax rate
  • Registration fees: based on your vehicle’s weight or total horsepower 
  • Title fee
  • Processing fees 

How will the Missouri car tax rate factor into your total cost? Sales tax is calculated on the price of the vehicle less any trade-in or rebate amount. For example:

  • If your new car costs $30,000, you could expect to pay an extra $1,267.50 based on the rate of 4.225%.
  • If your new car costs $30,000, but you trade in your vehicle for $10,000, your new purchase price (and taxable amount) is $20,000, putting your sales tax amount at $845. 
  • Keep in mind that additional county tax rates apply as well. 

Use a payment calculator to understand how these fees play into your budget and ensure you’re making the right decision for your financial situation. 

Additional Car Tax Considerations

Since MO sales tax on a car can add significant cost to your final total, you may be wondering if you can roll this tax into your auto loan. In some cases you can, though it’s important to note that you’ll be paying interest on this additional amount, which could cost you more in the long run. 

You may also be able to write off your new car sales tax as a deduction, especially if you are buying the car for business or non-personal use. Consult with your tax professional to see if this option is right for you. 

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