Is an Extended Maintenance Plan Right for You?

Posted: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

If you’re a driver in St. Louis and your car is approaching the end of its manufacturer warranty, you might be worried about the repair costs you’ll have to cover after the warranty expires. Luckily, there are options to extend your warranty so that your vehicle is covered even after the manufacturer warranty runs out. These Extended Warranty or Extended Maintenance Plans can cover major repairs or regular maintenance.

Extended Service Plan or Warranty Coverage

When you purchase an extended warranty, you’re planning for the car to require more work than the cost of the plan. You also get the added peace of mind that if something unexpected does happen, it won’t all be coming out of your pocket. That said, if your car works flawlessly and you have no issues, you might not take full advantage of the extended warranty coverage.

There are generally three different kinds of extended warranty coverage that a buyer might choose:

  • Full Coverage: These plans, like bumper-to-bumper or basic warranties, cover the whole vehicle without exception.
  • Limited Coverage Covering Stated Coverage: This type of plan covers everything listed in the warranty.
  • Limited Coverage Covering Only Major Components: This option provides insurance against major problems with components like engine and transmission.

Most of these plans can be purchased either with a single payment or with monthly payments. Usually you need to purchase extended service or warranty plans through dealerships, though some automakers will offer extended plans themselves.

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