Money Saving Apps

Posted: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Getting started on a new budget plan can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? These money saving apps offer plenty of strategies and tracking tips to help you manage your money better so you can pay off some bills and save up for a down payment on a new car, while Green Light Auto Credit can help you finance the rest. Learn more about the apps below!

These Apps Are Bound to Help You Save

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, these apps can be a handy tool on your smartphone to help you get back on track with your budget and your credit:

  • Mint: This app can load details directly from your bank account to show your spending trends and help you design a personal budget.
  • PocketGuard: This app also connects to your bank account and monitors reoccurring payments to see when you need to cutback when bills are coming.
  • You Need a Budget: This app has the added benefit of online classes you can watch to learn how to better manage your money.
  • GoodBudget: See how everyone in the family is spending money to better coordinate your funds with this app.
  • Mvelopes: This app tracks how much money you have spent and still have left in categories that you set up so you can account for activities better.

Let Green Light Auto Credit Also Help You Save

At Green Light Auto Credit, we strive to work with you whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit. We’ll help you secure a loan with a low interest rate that works with your budget.

Learn More About Money Saving Apps With the Help of Green Light Auto Credit

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