Look Out for These New Technologies in 2017 Models

Posted: Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

When shopping for a new vehicle these days, in-car technology is as important as horsepower and trunk-size. There’s good reason for that: The latest high tech features make us safer and keep us connected when we’re out on the road. If you’re looking for a new car in the St. Louis area, then consider some of the many tech features available in 2017 models. You might change your mind about your priorities!

  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: These systems work almost the same for the two leading smartphones brands. Make sure you get the one that will sync with your phone. Both make your in-car infotainment system into an extension of your phone so you can take advantage of all your favorite apps.
  • Forward Collision Warning Systems: Almost every automaker offers a forward collision warning system. In some instances, this feature can even monitor not just one car ahead of you, but two cars ahead. That will warn you even further in advance of a potential collision.
  • Rearview Cameras: Every car should have a rearview camera, and as of 2018, all cars will. Don’t wait until then to get this important feature. It can help avoid parking accidents and more serious accidents with pedestrians or other vehicles.
  • Semi-Autonomous Driving Features: This category of futuristic technology ranges from adaptive cruise control, which can speed up or slow down along with traffic, to systems that literally take the wheel and steer while you’re on the highway. If you’re interested in the latest technology and you want advanced driver aids, then check for these features.

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