New Technologies Can Help Keep Teen Drivers Safer

Posted: Sunday, February 26th, 2017

If you’re like most St. Louis parents, you probably worry about your teen getting behind the wheel. While it can be tough to hand over the keys, these days you can find some peace of mind when your children are on the road thanks to new safety technology. Many vehicles even offer features that let you monitor and limit your teen driver when you aren’t in the car. There’s a lot for parents to celebrate when it comes to new technology in cars.

New Car Tech to Keep Your Kids Safe

In statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 130,000 teenagers were injured in car accidents in 2013, and 2,600 were killed. Most of these accidents were caused by factors like speeding, alcohol use, and distracted driving.

If you’re worried about your teen driver getting behind the wheel of your car, there is one solution: Make sure they’re driving a car with all the latest safety features. Alternatively, you can replace your family car with a new model complete with high-tech driver aids and features. You might be amazed at the kind of technology offered in today’s cars.

Several automakers have introduced systems that can help you modify your car’s functions to help keep your teen driver safe. the Ford MyKey, Chevrolet Teen Driver system, and others offer features like:

  • Speed Limits and Alerts: In order to keep teen drivers’ speed under control, some of these systems let you set a top speed over which the vehicle will not travel. In addition, audio and visual warnings at preset speeds remind drivers how fast they are going.
  • Audio Muting: These systems will mute audio systems until the occupants are wearing their seatbelts.
  • Do Not Disturb: This feature blocks incoming calls and text messages to minimize distraction for the driver.
  • Report Card: Parents can check on their teen driver’s performance behind the wheel when they get back.

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