Most Popular Cars to Keep for 10 Years or More

Posted: Monday, February 6th, 2017

Are you looking for a way to save money? One way to lower your expenses could be to keep driving the same car for as long as possible. If you can avoid paying a monthly loan or lease payment for your car, you’ll save a bundle.

Automotive site put together a list of the vehicles that people tend to drive for 10 years or longer. The site uses a big data approach to look at 2.5 million used car sales in 2016 involving cars 10 or more years old. With this data, along with information about the ownership history of these vehicles, they were able to establish which cars were owned by the same person for 10 or more years.

Overall, the top ten cars that made the list all had one thing in common: they’re all from Japanese automakers. All ten come from Toyota, Honda, or Subaru. There’s also another common theme: They’re all crossover utility vehicles, hybrids, or minivans.

  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid — 32.1 percent
  • Toyota Prius — 32 percent
  • Toyota Highlander — 29 percent
  • Toyota Sienna — 28.7 percent
  • Honda Pilot — 27.2 percent
  • Honda CR-V — 25.2 percent
  • Toyota RAV4 — 24.9 percent
  • Subaru Forester — 24.2 percent
  • Lexus RX Hybrid — 24.1 percent
  • Honda Odyssey — 24 percent

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