How to Reduce the Stress of Your Daily Commute

Posted: Friday, July 28th, 2017

Between ongoing construction on Interstate 44 and heavy rush-hour traffic, commuting in St. Louis can be a handful. Loud horns, potholes, and erratic drivers don’t help either, and if you’d like to de-stress your everyday commute, Green Light Auto Credit can help. We’ve compiled this list of easy ways to make your daily drive to work a positive experience. If your old, unreliable vehicle is adding to the stress, get in touch with Green Light Auto Credit to discuss your financing options.

Commuting Tips

Before you head to work, consider these simple steps to a hassle-free commute.

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  • Change Your Schedule – One of the easiest ways to make your commute easier is to avoid rush hour all-together. Not everyone can adjust their work schedule by a few hours, but if you can, it’s worth it.
  • Do Something Nice for Yourself – A cup of fine coffee for your morning drive can make the trip more relaxing. On your way home, stop off at a bakery and pick yourself up a treat. Commuting in St. Louis is no easy feat, and you’ve earned it.
  • Monitor Traffic Conditions – Many phones these days are able to assess traffic conditions and recommend an alternative route. It’s worth checking ahead of time to avoid full-on gridlock.
  • Reduce Distractions – Trying to drive and use your phone isn’t just stress-inducing – it’s dangerous as well. When you’re shopping for a new car, check to see if it offers Bluetooth connectivity and voice controls.
  • Entertainment Options –Podcasts, music, and audio books are all great options for in-car entertainment. It’s the perfect chance to get caught up on the classics.

What to Look for in a Commuter Car

Common knowledge dictates that fuel economy, interior comfort, and plenty of infotainment features are important to commuters. A vehicle with modern safety features should be critical as well, as it can make your commute more confident and stress free. When you’ve found the car or SUV that meets your daily travel needs, contact Green Light Auto Credit for financing.

Get to Work Financing the Perfect Car

As a fixture in the St. Louis community, Green Light Auto Credit is committed to getting you a low interest rate no matter what your credit score may be. We work with a wider network of lenders than most in-house financing departments, and our team has the experience to really listen to your needs. Contact us today to begin the financing process!

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