Towing Basics

Posted: Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Whether you’re hauling a camper or a trailer, there’s a chance you’ll need to do some towing in St. Louis this summer. It can be a complicated process, but when you follow these steps from Green Light Auto Credit, you’ll be able to haul a boat out to Creve Coeur Lake easily and safely. Read on to learn the basics about towing.

Tips for Towing

Follow these towing recommendations to keep other drivers and yourself safe in St. Louis:

  • Check the Hitch – Make sure the hitch on your vehicle is the same class as the one required by the trailer. Class III hitches can tow up to 5,000 lbs, but if you want to tow more than that, you’ll need a Class IV hitch.
  • Adjust Your Driving Style – When towing, you’re not going to have the same handling and cornering ability as you normally would. You’ll also want to make sure to give other vehicles plenty of room when changing lanes.
  • Proper Wiring – Connecting your vehicle to a trailer might seem like a straightforward process, but hooking up the wiring is often very complex. Test the turn signal, brake lights, and reverse lights to remain safe and legal.

The Right Vehicle is Key

Choosing a sturdy trailer is important, but so is owning a capable vehicle. When you go to purchase a new truck, crossover, or SUV, ask the dealership what vehicle’s towing capacity is. A full-size SUV might offer more capability than a crossover. In addition, ask if it’s able to tow right off the lot, or if the dealership will need to add a towing package. It can include larger trailer hitches, wider side mirrors, and integrated brake-light wiring. In addition, they sometimes upgrade the vehicle’s internal parts for increased towing capacity. Check to see if the package includes a transmission cooler or dedicated towing and hauling modes.

Couple with new Jeep

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As you can see, it’s important to have a vehicle with plenty of towing capacity, especially if you plan to use a truck to make money on the side. If you need help financing a capable truck or the perfect family SUV, turn to Green Light Auto Credit. Unlike the financing departments you’ll find at a dealership, we work with a wide network of lenders to get you the best rate. We also provide financing for many dealers in St. Louis in beyond. That way you get the rugged, high-performance vehicle you need no matter who the maker is. Contact us today to find out why so many customers are turning to Green Light Auto Credit for financing.

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