Helpful Tips for Buying a Pickup Truck

Posted: Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Green Light Auto Two Customers Posing With New TruckA pickup truck is essential if you’re looking to haul cargo in the St. Louis area. From a small truck like the Honda Ridgeline to the popular Ford F-150, these vehicles can offer big power and capability, as well as money-making opportunities. With so many trucks on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you, especially if you’re a tall driver. That’s why the experts at Green Light Auto Credit have put together this guide about what to look for when purchasing a pickup. When you’ve found a dependable truck that will meet your needs for years to come, turn to Green Light Auto Credit for financing.

Capability Questions

Deciding which truck to purchase depends mainly on what you plan to do with it. Consider the following points before you make your choice:

  • Towing and Hauling – Are you planning on carrying heavy loads or towing a loaded-down trailer? Consider choosing a truck with four-wheel drive for added traction.
  • Classification – Pickups are often split into three categories: light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. Each classification offers different levels of power and capability, so make sure its payload and towing capacity exceed your needs.
  • Engine – Buyers these days have many engine options, from efficient four-cylinder options to high-torque diesel engines. It’s worth considering what you value more: power or fuel economy.

Body Styles

No matter what performance configuration you choose, you’ll need to decide on what cab and bed size you require. Many trucks offer a standard two-seat cab, a crew cab with four seats and doors, and several select models have a mega cab configuration with huge legroom. Truck beds come in many different lengths, so consider how large your parking area is before buying.

Finance a New Truck at Green Light Auto Credit

When you’ve made your decision, turn to Green Light Auto Credit for a wide range of financing options. We happily work with a wide network of dealerships in St. Louis and beyond. That ensures you get the truck that best meets your needs, and we consult many lenders to secure the best rate. In addition, we happily work with customers with low or no credit. Contact us today to get started with financing a new truck!

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