Visit the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis

Posted: Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

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The History of the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis

The Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis, or CAM, was established in 1980 as the First Street Forum. Located in downtown St. Louis at the time, the Forum was dedicated to showcasing modern art by the artisans of today. The CAM has evolved in the 36 years since its inception, adding education programs, community outreach, and innovative programs designed to connect new artists with the St. Louis community. Now in its fourth – and permanent – location, the CAM continues to offer ground-breaking exhibits to the people of St. Louis and visitors from around the world.

Exhibition Highlights

The CAM focuses on dynamic St. Louis-area artists and currently has two exhibits featuring Kelley Walker onsite:

  • Schema: Schema features large-scale vinyl prints of black-and-white photos from the Civil Rights movement. Each photo is overlaid with scanned toothpaste strokes that highlight the violence of the era. The images cover the walls, enveloping the viewer and making them a part of the photo story.
  • Direct Drive: The Direct Drive exhibit features a variety of materials from the artist’s body of work, many focusing on the brutality of race relations and the impermanence of the human experience.

This is a sampling of exhibits currently on display and does not include upcoming exhibit information.

Architectural Design

The CAM was designed by Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works Architecture in Portland, Oregon. This award-winning architect created the building with the purpose of providing “An intentional vacancy that achieves meaning through the arts, itself.” He achieves this through the use of light and space to create a unique space in which the artists are free to express themselves through the beauty of their work.

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