Ways to Save Money

Posted: Friday, August 12th, 2016

Sure, having a comfortable savings account sounds great, but how do you get started? Whether you’re starting from 0 or just looking to round your lifestyle out better, we have some great ways to save money so you can get started on the track of financial freedom today! You can fill out our online application for an instant answer of what you qualify for an auto loan as well.

A Few Simple Tricks to Get You Saving Money

Saving money is much easier when you have a set plan and goals you’re working toward. Follow these simple tricks to watch your savings account start growing today:

  • Record Expenses: Whether you use an app, a ledger, or a spreadsheet, write down all of your financial transactions so you can see exactly where your money is going.
  • Make a Budget: See what spending is necessary and where you can cut corners, and set an amount that allows you to pay all of your bills and live reasonably within your means.
  • Plan to Save Money: A good goal is to save 10-15% of your monthly income. You can even schedule an automatic transfer into your savings account so the movement is made for you.
  • Have Concrete Goals: Are you saving up for something specific? Pick a car allowance and strive to meet the requirements of that down payment that you can live with.

Let Green Light Auto Credit Help You Save On Your Next Car

Sure, there are plenty of lenders out there who might be able to hook you up with a car loan no matter what your credit is, but at Green Light Auto Credit, we strive to get you the best deal at a reasonable interest rate so you don’t waste money or overextend your budget. We’ll work with you regardless of your credit status to ensure that you find a loan that makes sense for your budget.

Contact Green Light Auto Credit for More Ways to Save Money

We have an online contact form if you have a quick question about good ways to save money, or you can reach us by phone at 800-200-5551 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today about how to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle at a bargain rate today.

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