What is Fuel Cell Technology?

Posted: Saturday, July 9th, 2016

A fuel cell vehicle is a type of hybrid vehicle that uses a fuel cell instead of an engine in combination with a battery to power its on-board electric motor. Fuel cells in vehicles generate electricity using oxygen and compressed hydrogen emitting only water and heat. Fuel cell vehicles are classified as zero emissions. Green Light Auto Credit can help get you behind the wheel of a fuel cell vehicle.

How Do Fuel Cells Work and How Will They Change the Auto Industry?

Fuel cells generate electricity by a chemical reaction. Every fuel cell has two electrodes, the anode and the cathode. The reactions that produce electricity take place at these electrodes. Fuel cells require hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity.

The purpose of a fuel cell is to produce an electrical current that can be directed outside the cell to do work, such as powering an electric motor. In general terms, hydrogen atoms enter a fuel cell at the anode where a chemical reaction strips them of their electrons. Oxygen enters the fuel cell at the cathode and combines with electrons to generate electricity. As long as a fuel cell is supplied with hydrogen and oxygen, it will generate electricity.

Fuel cell technology has the potential to change the auto industry by greatly reducing emissions. The appeal of fuel cells is that they generate electricity with very little pollution. Much of the hydrogen and oxygen used in generating electricity ultimately combines to form water, a harmless byproduct.

Upcoming Models Slated to Implement Fuel Cell Technologies

Commercial production hydrogen fuel cell automobiles are being sold in California by Toyota and are being leased on a limited basis by Hyundai, with additional manufacturers planning to enter the market  The Toyota Mirai is currently available in Europe and the UK. Nissan recently announced plans to develop fuel cell vehicles that use ethanol fuel as a source to generate hydrogen on board the vehicle. Nissan expects to commercialize its technology by 2020. Most excitingly, Honda has announced that its fuel cell model, the 2017 Honda Clarity, will be available in the states come late 2016.

Let Green Light Auto Credit Help You Finance a Car With Fuel Cell Technology

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