What to Keep in Your Car Emergency Kit

Posted: Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

If you’re a driver in St. Louis, we recommend you carry an emergency kit at all times in your car. It’s hard to overstate the importance of having some basic supplies with you even if you’re just driving around town. On a longer trip, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve got essentials with you to prevent accidents from becoming serious. Of course, the easiest way to prevent a breakdown is to have a reliable vehicle. If you need help with financing a new or used vehicle, check out Green Light Auto Credit today!

What to Take with You

We recommend a few key tools and supplies to make short work of any issue you encounter on the road:

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  • Jumper Cables: If your battery dies, you’ll want to be able to get a jump from a friendly passing motorist. You won’t be able to do that without jumper cables.
  • Flares or Triangle Reflectors: In a breakdown, you’ll want to stay safe. To do that, you’ll need to alert other drivers to your presence with flares or reflectors.
  • First-Aid Kit: A first aid kit with supplies like band-aids, disinfectant, rubber gloves, and rubbing alcohol can be a lifesaver.
  • Blanket and Warm Clothes: When you’re driving in the winter, it’s essential to carry some extra warm clothes and a blanket to help keep you safe if you have a breakdown.
  • Flashlight and Extra Batteries: Whether you’re changing a tire in the dark, digging your car out of a ditch, or anything else after dark, you’ll want a flashlight.
  • Granola, Energy Bars and Bottled Water: You never know how long you might be stranded if your car breaks down. That’s why it’s essential to have non-perishable food and water. 

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