Answering Your Auto Finance Questions

Answering Your Auto Finance Questions

There are few things that seem more complicated than car financing, especially if you have bad credit or no credit, but luckily Green Light Auto Credit has answers to your auto finance questions. We have a history of helping drivers finance their next vehicle in and around St. Louis, and our finance experts are here to take the mystery out of financing a car.

Securing the Best Auto Loan

What’s the best auto loan for you? Is it better to have a higher interest rate and a shorter term for your loan or would you be better off with longer terms and a lower interest rate? Is your monthly budget too tight to worry about the cost of the loan beyond the monthly payment? We have information on all of the different types of loans available, including how you can get affordable auto financing on a fixed income. We even have some tips to help you avoid auto financing scams.

And if you’re confused by some of the words we use in talking about auto financing, don’t worry; we have a glossary of common auto finance terms for you.

Securing Car Loans

No/Bad Credit Financing

Virtually no one has perfect credit. Whether you have not had the chance to build up a credit rating yet or are being haunted by past decisions and their impact on your credit, we want to help. Believe it or not, people with bad credit ratings or with no credit score at all can still get an auto loan. Your terms just might be a bit different than those of other drivers.

Our library of frequently asked questions is here to teach you more about auto financing with less-than-ideal credit – and how an auto loan can help you rebuild a credit rating.

Bad and No Credit Financing

Car Insurance

It’s important to protect your investment, but there are a wide range of car insurance options available. We can go over the differences between full coverage and liability coverage, explain the costs, and discuss the benefits of different kinds of insurance. We’ll also let you know what is important to look for in an auto insurance policy.

Car Insurance

Car Payments

Your car payments are tied directly to your loan, but that doesn’t mean you have no say in them. We’ll go over how your monthly payments relate to your loan rate, the length of your loan, and other key factors. We can also help you understand what any of the numbers on your financial agreement mean and calculate how much you’ll pay in interest over the course of your loan.

Car Payments

Vehicle Depreciation

As cars age, they depreciate in value, but it’s not as bad as that old story about a car losing half it worth when you drive it off the lot. If you want to know how to limit depreciation on your car, we can help. We’ll also define how and why a car depreciates and go over ways you can keep your resale value high for when you decide to trade or sell your car.

Vehicle Depreciation

The Different Types of Auto Loans

There are many types of auto loan contracts, and they often have funny names that do little avail what they mean. For instance, ever wonder what an upside down loan or a sub-prime loan are? Or, for that matter, the differences between an unsecured or secured loan are? For answers to these question and much more, click the button below.

Types of Auto Loans

Credit Scoring

A healthy credit score is imperative to getting not only great interest rates on a loan, but, in many cases, even getting a loan. Follow the button below, and you’ll find an archive of blogs covering topics ranging from what factors impact your credit score, the fastest ways to repair your score, how to have yours calculated, and more.
Credit Scores

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Do you have auto finance questions we haven’t answered here? We want to help. We encourage all drivers to start by filling out our free, secure online finance application so we can get started on processing your loan. Then feel free to give us a call at (800) 200-5551 to learn more about your auto finance options in and around St. Louis today.