How to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Gas Mileage

Posted: Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Whether you drive a new or an old car, there are some well-known and not-so-well-known secrets to getting better gas mileage. At Green Light Auto Credit, we make sure our drivers know all the ways they can save money when buying, caring for, and driving a car, so we want to share 7 ways you can improve your gas mileage.


7 Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Some of these techniques may be things you already know, but we’re confident you’ll learn something new that can help you save at the pump:

  1. Change Your Oil: The smoother your engine runs, the better, and the harder it has to work – thanks to dirty oil, for example – the less efficient it will be.

  2. Keep Your Tires Filled: Properly filled tires are firm and spend less time sagging, which means less contact with the road – and that means less friction slowing your car down.

  3. Drive Efficiently: It can be tempting to put that pedal to the floor when you’re in a hurry, but accelerating that quickly can drop your fuel economy like a rock.

  4. Combine Trips: Rather than drive to one place and then head home only to drive somewhere else, combine your trips and spend less time on the road.

  5. Use All-Wheel Drive Sparingly: Sending engine power to all four wheels can be helpful during inclement weather, but it also puts a drain on the engine and uses more fuel. Use it only when you need to.

  6. Turn Off the AC: Running the air conditioning in the summer is often more taxing on the car than rolling down the windows.

  7. Drive a More Efficient Vehicle: Finally, you can always upgrade your vehicle. An old pickup truck will never be as efficient as a new small car (or an old small car for that matter). If you find yourself driving an old vehicle with poor gas mileage, consider upgrading.

Let Green Light Auto Credit Help You Find a Fuel Efficient Car

That last point on our 7 tips for getting better fuel economy is one that we are particularly qualified to help with at Green Light Auto Credit. Visit our online finance center to start planning the budget for your next car, and be sure to reach out to one of our finance experts if you have any questions.

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