Factors that Will Raise Your Car Insurance Rate

Posted: Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Buying a car is a big investment, one that can stretch the budget if you aren’t careful. There are ways you can keep costs down, like applying for financing with Green Light Auto Credit, reducing your car insurance rate. We’ve listed five things that can cause your rates to go up. Controlling these will help you keep to your budget and keep your costs under control.


5 Things That Will Raise Your Car Insurance Rate

There are many things that affect your car insurance rates. Some of them you can’t change, like age and gender, but others you can control:

  • Driving History —If you’re a safe driver, insurers are more likely to give you a favorable rate.
  • Vehicle Size — Larger cars are more likely to protect drivers in the event of an accident, making them less expensive to insure.
  • Vehicle Safety Rating — A vehicle with a higher safety rating and more advanced safety features is cheaper to insure. This is because passengers are less likely to be injured in an accident and file an insurance claim.
  • Age of Car — Newer cars are considered safer and less likely to be “totaled” in an accident, costing insurers only for repair, rather than replacement, should they be in an accident.
  • Probability of Theft — If your vehicle is a model that is often targeted for theft, insurers might charge you more to cover it.

Controlling these factors can help you to reduce your premiums. You may even be able to save hundreds of dollars per year in insurance costs.

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