What Kind of Car Should I Buy?

What Type of Car Should You Get?

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, the big question to answer is: Should I buy a car, should I buy a truck, or should I buy an SUV? With more and more viable options entering the market, answering these questions can be tough. That’s why Green Light Auto Credit has assembled a simple guide to help St. Louis and Herculaneum drivers determine the right type of car for their needs. Fill out an online application to start the buying process!

Should I Buy a Car? Sedan Pros and Cons

By “car,” a lot of folks in the greater St. Louis area are actually referring to “sedan.” This segment includes everything from simple city driving cars to cushy luxury vehicles. Here are some sedan pros and cons:

Sedan Benefits

  • Affordability: Of all the vehicles listed here, entry-level prices for sedans tend to be the cheapest. There are even a lot of extremely affordable hybrid sedans on the market now, which can provide fantastic long-term savings.
  • Fuel Economy: Sedans also come with impressive fuel economy specs. And you won’t even have to upgrade to pricier engines for these specs, as they start at the entry level.

Sedan Cons

  • Performance: If you want a roaring engine, it’s possible on lots of sports and luxury sedans, but you’ll often pay a higher price for such vehicles. Entry-level sedans tend to provide less-impressive horsepower.
  • Space: If you want to give your friends and family room to stretch, a sedan might not be your first choice. All the same, it’s great for simple commutes with one or two passengers.

Should I Buy an SUV?

Should I buy an SUV? Not too long ago, an SUV meant something very different than it does now. The Florissant market is full of crossover SUVs, compact SUVs, and those with advanced engines that prevent these vehicles from guzzling too much gas.

SUV Benefits

  • Flexible Space: SUVs can be great multi-purpose vehicles. Many include folding rear seats so you can use them both for your family and for cargo needs.
  • Performance: Even compact SUVs can come with engines that really pack a punch. Some compact SUVs are not rated to tow, but many are capable of towing at least 1,000 pounds.

SUV Cons

  • Parking: Larger SUVs can present some parking difficulties. This is why compact crossovers are so popular these days!
  • Fuel Economy: While there has been marked improvement on SUV fuel economy specs, you’re still taking more of a hit at the gas station than you would in a sedan.

Should I Buy a Truck?

Should I buy a truck? When drivers are looking at trucks, they know to expect power. But the modern truck has a lot going on inside:

Truck Benefits

  • Utility: The major reason to get a truck? For many, it’s to move stuff around. Check out the payload and tow rating on your truck to make sure it fits your needs. Trucks also come with tons of accessories to help you carry out any job.
  • Technology: One underrated aspect of the modern truck is all the technology inside. From performance-oriented driving assistive functions, to high quality infotainment, you can outfit a truck to connect with your lifestyle.

Truck Cons

  • Passenger Space: When you get a truck, you’re usually trading utility for passenger space, especially in the back seat.
  • Prices: To get the highest tow ratings and the best tech, you’ll have to pay for upgrades. A truck will come in lots of trim levels and it can be a little tricky to negotiate exactly what you want.

What Kind of Car Should I Get? Other Kinds of Cars

Sedans, SUVs, and trucks are definitely three of the most popular kinds of automobiles. But there are other types of cars, which we’ll cover briefly below:

  • Hatchback: Hatchbacks are essentially extended sedans which give you more cargo space and your rear passengers more room. A hatchback can be a good compromise if you’re looking for extra interior space without a full SUV upgrade.
  • Coupe: Derived from the French word for “cut,” a coupe is one of the most stylish-looking vehicles out there. A coupe is best described as a sporty 2-door sedan. You’ll have much less space for seating inside, but many drivers choose this distinctive look fully aware of that sacrifice.

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