Free Summer Concerts in St. Louis

Posted: Friday, July 7th, 2017 Green Light Auto Happy Customer Posing

There’s plenty to do during the summer in St. Louis. Between exciting outdoor destinations, luxurious shopping, and plenty of road trip options, St. Louis is alive with many fun activities. In addition, free summer concerts can be entertaining for individuals and families who want to enjoy themselves, but not break the bank. Find out the best options for music this summer, and when you need to finance a vehicle to get you and your passengers to the venue, turn to Green Light Auto Credit.

Budget Friendly Concerts

Let’s explore your options for free music this summer:

  • Des Peres Summer Concert Series – Bring a picnic and enjoy the sounds of Contagious, Spectrum, and Mirage this summer.
  • Beale Street Concert Series – From May through September on the second Wednesday of each month, this concert series in the St. Charles neighborhood features music from Rough Riders, Dr. Zhivegas, and more. You’ll also enjoy plenty of food options in the area as well.
  • Music on Main in St. Charles – Also in St. Charles, this concert series runs on Wednesdays through August on the 100-200 blocks of N. Main Street.
  • Chesterfield Amphitheater – During six Saturdays this summer, this outdoor venue offers free concerts starting at 6:45.

No matter what type of music you enjoy, St. Louis has a cost-friendly concert that won’t be hard on your wallet.

Financing Options

Will all these options, you’ll surely find a free concert to attend, but you’ll still need to get to the venue. To obtain financing for a dependable vehicle, you can turn to Green Light Auto Credit. We offer an online financing application that allows you to secure preapproval in minutes, and although we’re a fixture in the St. Louis community, we work with a nationwide network of dealerships to give you superior selection. To find out more about obtaining a low-cost auto loan, get in touch with Green Light Auto Credit.

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