How OEM Parts Affect Vehicle Value

Posted: Sunday, March 6th, 2016

One of the easiest ways auto dealerships track the value depreciation of a car is through OEM repair parts. After mileage and routine maintenance, the use of non-OEM parts is one of the biggest factors in the depreciation of a vehicle, and Green Light Auto Credit wants to help you find out why so that after your trade-in, you can know you got the best deal for a vehicle before filling out our online finance application to cover your next car.


What Are OEM Parts?

Whenever work is done on a vehicle, the mechanic has to make a choice between aftermarket and OEM parts.

  • Aftermarket items are made by companies who aren’t the manufacturer, and they are often cheaper and more cheaply made.
  • OEM parts are made by the same engineers who built your car, and you can trust them to fit exactly (many even come with warranty coverage).

When trying to track the value depreciation of a car, dealerships and savvy car buyers look at the repair parts used to see if they can trust the vehicle to have the reputation of its manufacturer or not.

How Can OEM Parts Help You to Retain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value?

Compromising on repair parts means compromising on quality, and it’s a compromise that someone will eventually have to pay for.

  • If you are looking to trade in your vehicle, using aftermarket parts can hurt the trade-in value.
  • OEM parts reassure the buyer that not only will the vehicle behave as intended by the automaker but that the previous owner cared for the car well.
  • Think of OEM parts as an investment in your vehicle’s future.

After you have sold your vehicle to another driver or a dealership and have cash in hand to go toward that new car, Green Light Auto Credit can help you make up the difference with a loan that lets you get just the car you want.
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