How to Be Fuel Efficient When Driving

With a desire to do what’s good for the environment and for your wallet, you may be curious to learn how to be fuel efficient when driving throughout the day. In the following guide, we’ll outline some of the best fuel efficient driving habits that you can practice around St. Louis and beyond to go further per gallon and stretch your dollars at the pump. Read on below!

Fuel Efficient Driving Habits

While a lot of your fuel efficiency is of course dependent on your vehicle type — a big pickup truck is not going to be as fuel efficient as a hybrid sedan — the following advice on how to be fuel efficient will help boost your car’s fuel economy no matter what. Here are the fuel efficient driving habits you can apply to your Florissant drives starting today:

  • Accelerate Gently: Imagine a cup of coffee on your dash that you don’t want to spill. Gentle acceleration uses less gas than punching the pedal and peeling off from a stopped position. 
  • Decelerate to a Stop: Look ahead as you drive. If there is a stop in the distance, coast for a while. Every time you hit the brakes, you waste your forward momentum. Instead of wasting it, use that momentum to get you to your stop. Brake gently. 
  • Avoid Stop-and-Go Traffic: Constant acceleration and braking demands a lot from your vehicle and uses precious gas. If possible, plan your trips to avoid heavy traffic times. 
  • Pack Lightly: The less weight you’re traveling throughout St. Charles with, the more fuel efficient you’ll be. Off-load any unnecessary cargo, roof racks and other adventure accessories during daily commutes. 

How Can You Save Fuel While Driving On Hills?

It’s also helpful to know how you can save fuel while driving on hills. We recommend accelerating up to the posted speed and steadily maintaining it. But what about how to be fuel efficient while driving on a hill’s descent? Heavy braking uses more fuel, so coast when it’s safe and tap your brakes every so often to lessen speeds, rather than riding them the entire way down.

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