The Importance of Knowing Your Credit Score and History

Posted: Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Keeping track of your credit rating and credit history is important when it comes time to finance your next car. Take the following steps to secure your financial future:

  • Regularly check your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian credit score to make sure that everything is accurate. Disputing errors in your credit report in a timely manner is critical to maintaining your financial health.
  • Check your credit rating before you apply for financing or refinance your current car loan. That way you’ll know your bargaining position before you begin, and it reduces the chance you’ll be declined for a loan you can’t afford.
  • Your credit score is a good indicator of how your finances are doing, and it can help you make long term budgeting decisions.

Keep Track of Your Credit Score Via Your Credit Report

Your credit score will range from from 300-850, with most customers between 600 and 750. If you’re applying for an auto loan, you can get a lower interest rate if your score is higher. That will reduce your monthly payment and can give you a better bargaining position. However, if you need a bad credit car loan, don’t panic. Financing providers like Green Light Auto Credit specialize in helping customers afford the vehicle they need while also helping to rebuild their credit.

Why Turn to Green Light Auto Credit?

Green Light Auto Credit can assist with used car loans and advice on refinancing your car loan. Be sure to apply for financing online to get pre-approved for a low-interest car loan.

Ways You May Unknowingly Hurt Your Credit Score

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