No Credit Myths

Posted: Friday, June 15th, 2018

At Green Light Auto Credit, we know that many customers are worried about how to get a no credit loan or bad credit loan, and that’s why we specialize in bad credit financing. In addition, we work with customers and first-time car buyers with no credit history to finance the car of their dreams.

Check out these no credit myths to learn more:

  • Will My Employment Status Affect My Credit? – Your credit score doesn’t take income into consideration. Even if your job pays well, it won’t help you build credit.
  • How Does My Spouse’s Credit Affect Mine? – Your partner’s credit only matters if you have joint accounts. If they have a poor history of credit management, it won’t affect yours unless the account is also in your name.
Green Light Auto Five Person Family and Salesperson with new car
  • How Do I Build Credit if I Have None to Start With? – Many people assume that you need a car credit score to get an auto loan, and that’s true for some financing sources. However, Green Light Auto Credit happily assists customers with bad or no auto credit. If you make car payments on time, you’ll begin to establish a positive credit history.

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