Your Guide to No-Fault Insurance

Posted: Friday, April 29th, 2016

When factoring your monthly car expenses, insurance is as important as your loan payment. Understanding what types of insurance are available to you, and how it can affect your overall costs, will help you keep your budget under control and make it easier to pay off your debt sooner. Green Light Auto Credit wants to help you do just that by helping you understand No-fault car insurance before you apply for auto financing with us.


What is No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance is a type of automotive policy that covers your damages regardless of which driver is at fault in an accident. This includes fees associated with issues like bodily injury to you, which may not be covered under other types of insurance. With No-fault insurance, you may qualify for reimbursement for medical expenses associated with the accident, rehabilitation, and losses associated with the collision, such as childcare. This means that, should you be injured and unable to return to work as a result of your injuries, you may be able to receive compensation for lost wages.

While No-fault insurance isn’t available in every state, and it doesn’t cover property damage, it is worth exploring because it can save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses should you be involved in an accident and the other driver doesn’t have adequate coverage.

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