Tips for Preventing Car Theft

Posted: Friday, September 1st, 2017

No matter where you live in the St. Louis area, auto thefts can happen. That’s why Green Light Auto Credit has put together a list of advice to help prevent this unfortunate possibility. Take these concrete steps to keep your next vehicle secure. In addition, some cars are safer than others, so if you’d like to reduce your risk of theft, finance a car that’s less likely to be stolen.

Car Security Recommendations

While you can never completely eliminate the possibility of car theft, you can follow this advice to help keep thieves at bay.

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  • Lock Your Doors – This seems like an obvious tip, but thieves are looking for the easiest car to steal. Removing your keys from the vehicle and locking the doors is the simplest step you can take, but it’s effective.
  • Consider Where You Park – A car that’s parked on the street is more likely to be stolen than a car that’s parked in a secure garage. If you need to park on the street, make sure the location is well lit and busy.
  • Take Your Things with You – Don’t tempt thieves by leaving valuables on your seat. It only takes a moment to smash and grab. Taking your garage door opener and registration with you when you leave also increases your overall security.
  • Turn Your Car Off – Just running into Straub’s to pick up some milk? It might be tempting to leave your car running, but it’s safer to turn it off. On top of that, it’s better for the environment.

Finance a New Vehicle with the Latest Security Systems

If your car is lacking basic security features like a lockable glove box, it might be time for a new vehicle. In fact, there are some cars that are more likely to be stolen than others, so it’s worth exploring those vehicles before you make your decision. No matter which model you choose, you can turn to Green Light Auto Credit for financing.

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