How to Understand the Window Sticker On Your Car

Posted: Thursday, May 5th, 2016

If you’re considering a new car, chances are you’ve seen a window sticker or two. These stickers provide important information about the vehicle, but they can be confusing. At Green Light Auto Credit, we want our clients to understand what they’re getting into. We’ve created a quick primer on how to read car window stickers, so you’ll be ready the next time you go shopping. Read before you fill out our finance application and you’ll have what you need to get a great deal.


Reading Car Window Stickers

There’s a lot of information included on your car window sticker. It’s a good idea to check it over and make sure you understand what the dealer is trying to tell you:

  • Equipment — Both standard equipment and optional equipment that increase the base price are listed, allowing you to see what’s included in your sale.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) — Be sure that it matches the car you are buying, as well as all the paperwork.
  • Fuel Economy — EPA estimated city and highway fuel economy figures are prominently displayed.
  • Destination Charge — The manufacturer’s delivery charge to the dealer.
  • Emissions Information — This section compares the vehicle to others in its model year. It does not indicate the vehicle’s actual emissions rate.
  • Safety Ratings — Indicates how well the vehicle did in government testing.
  • Parts Content — Informs buyers where the vehicle was manufactured and where additional parts came from.
  • Total — The MSRP, which includes packages, options, discounts, destination charges, and market adjustments, minus tax, title, and licensing fees.

Let Green Light Auto Credit Help You Finance Your Next Car

Let the experts at Green Light Auto Credit help you understand the fees that come with buying that new car. That way, when you read the car window sticker, you know just what you’re getting into. We can walk you through the process of financing your next car and make sure you have the best rate on the loan you need.

Before You Start Reading Car Window Stickers, Come to Green Light Auto Credit

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