What is a VIN Number?

Posted: Sunday, June 4th, 2017

When you purchase a new or used vehicle, you might notice that the car is identified by a long string of numbers and letters known as the vehicle identification number, or VIN for short. This is an individual designation which is unique to your vehicle. If you’re buying from either a dealer or a private seller, you’ll need to know about the VIN, so let’s take a look at all the information it communicates. When you’re ready to finance a car, truck, or SUV, get in touch with Green Light Auto Credit to discuss all your auto loan options.

Locating Your VIN

You’ll need the VIN to fill out a variety of paperwork, and that’s why it’s usually a breeze to locate. You can likely find it on the dashboard, inside the driver’s side door, and on the car’s engine block. The VIN is included on the vehicle’s title, insurance policy, and vehicle history reports, so you should be able to find it in existing paperwork as well. Make sure that all of them match up to ensure you’re getting accurate information.

Decoding the VIN

The VIN is established by several of the vehicle’s attributes. Let’s explore what goes into these numbers:

  • The first three numbers in the VIN are determined by the country the vehicle was assembled, as well as the manufacturer and division.
  • The car’s model, engine, body type, and more are determined by the next five numbers. The next digit is called the “Check Digit,” which is used to determine if a VIN is valid.
  • The following digits communicate the car’s model year, assembly plant, and production number.

As you can see, the VIN gets across a wide range of useful information.

Finance a New or Used Vehicle Today

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