What Types of Transmissions Provide the Best Fuel Economy?

Posted: Saturday, May 20th, 2017

These days, fuel economy is an important category to consider when purchasing a new or used vehicle. A more efficient vehicle can save you big money, and it helps out the environment. There are also many types of transmissions on the market, and they each influence fuel economy in different ways.  If you’re looking to buy a vehicle in the St. Louis area, you’ll want to check out this handy guide to transmissions. When you’re ready to explore your financing options, visit Green Light Auto Credit to discuss the full range of options.

The Difference Between Manual and Automatic

  • Manual Transmission – In the past, vehicles with manual transmissions used to get better fuel economy numbers than automatics. Automatic transmissions use torque convertors to pair the engine and the gears, and that convertor needs significant energy. Manual transmissions didn’t have this convertor, and were therefore more efficient. However, modern torque convertors and other systems have closed that gap, and automatic transmissions sometimes get higher efficiency numbers than manual ones.
  • Automatic Transmission – New lock-up torque convertors do a more efficient job of transferring power between the engine and the transmission. In addition, many automatic transmissions offer a manual shift mode. That feature gives you the option to manually shift between gears without a clutch.

Learn All About CVT

The newest transmission option is a continuously variable transmission. This efficient system uses two variable-diameter pulleys instead of gears to smoothly shift between a wide range of gear ratios. It usually offers more efficiency than either a manual or automatic transmission, but it’s not available on cars with very high horsepower.

Finance an Efficient Vehicle at Green Light Auto Credit

If your transmission is giving you trouble, it might be time for a new vehicle. You can turn to Green Light Auto Credit no matter what transmission you choose. We’re confident you’ll enjoy our no-hassle approach to vehicle financing, and we specialize in working with St. Louis customers with bad or no credit. Contact us online today to find out about our wide network of lenders and dealers.

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