When Not to File an Insurance Claim

Posted: Friday, May 27th, 2016

You’re planning your next car purchase, and you’re trying to get a handle on the financial situation you’ll find yourself in. After you apply for that auto loan, and drive home in your new car, you’ve still got plenty of other expenses to worry about. One major expense is insurance, and one thing that is almost definitely going to make your insurance more expensive is an accident. While some times you definitely want to report an accident to your insurance company – if someone is hurt, or your vehicle is seriously damaged, then you should file a claim ASAP – there are some times when it might actually cost you more to file an insurance claim in the long run.

The 3 Times You Should Forgo Filing an Insurance Claim

Here are some times when you should think twice about calling your insurance company:

  1. A single car accident involving only yourself can be a situation where you might not want to call the insurance company. If you are not injured, and the car is far from totaled, and you haven’t caused any property damage, then you should probably save yourself the call, and pay for the repair yourself.
  2. Any time the repair cost for your vehicle is less than or not much more than your deductible you should probably just save yourself the trouble of involving the insurance company. Even if the insurance company doesn’t pay for a repair, it might affect your premium.
  3. There’s little to no damage to another vehicle involved in an accident. This might be tough to judge, but if it’s something that’s simple to cover out of pocket, then once again, you’re better of not calling the insurance company.

Remember, you should always call your insurance company if anyone is injured or there is major damage to your vehicle or any other property or vehicles. It’s also important to remember that if you have been in an accident to file a police report. That way you can have the incident recorded on record in case you need to send your insurance company proof of an accident.

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