Important Facts About Zero-Percent Car Loans

Posted: Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

A zero-percent car loan might seem appealing, but it’s important to keep these points in mind:

  • A dealership will often offer zero-percent financing as a way of clearing out unwanted inventory.
  • To qualify for a zero-percent loan, you’ll need a credit score around 690 or above.
  • Be sure to compare your savings from zero-percent financing vs. bonus cash. One could save significant money over the other.
  • A zero-percent loan can even be preferable to buying a car in cash, as it will increase your credit score over time.
  • If you choose a zero-percent loan, make sure you still pay at least 20 percent on a down payment. That way you don’t end up paying more than you owe if the vehicle is totaled.
Green Light Auto Credit Salesperson Poses with Family and New Car

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